A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Android

A bungee jumping game with goblins. Collect items you find in the dark abyss.


Goblungee.app.zip 36 MB
Goblungee.zip 32 MB
Goblungee.apk 43 MB


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Quirky little mobile-like game. I'm not sure if our daring goblin hero is simply paying for the privilege to go bungee jumping, or if the goblin-sir is tricking our hapless hero into retrieving some items ostensibly lost in the abyss while secretly having access to them all along!

Contending with the little critter nibbling at the jumper's ropes can be a bit annoying since it seems to appear more than half the time, leaving very little time left to actually try to rack up a decent score. I ended up deciding to spend all my effort throwing the items at the little critter instead of giving any to the goblin-sir, which left him with nothing to place back in his vault when the game finished, while all the items had been left on the jumper's side of the cliff. Jokes on you, goblin-sir!

Thanks for playing! Yes, we are aware that the balance is definitely not quite right. After the first jump, there is a 50% chance he will spawn. This was made in a game jam, so we were worried about other things at the time. One strategy is that with 10 seconds or so left, you don't really have to worry about the enemy if the bungee health is high enough